Toni Ciantar Poole  


The pure, glowing colours and inner light of a subject rendered in watercolour always captivates me.  Watercolour paintings have intrigued me for a long while.  I did my first water-activated set of 'grown-up' pictures at the age of 12 and ever since then, I've been hooked.   Using acrylic is another enjoyable medium I use.  It allows me expression in a different way, but I always come back to watercolour.

God's beautiful creation is a constant source of inspiration.    Looking at everyday things I try to capture their unique beauty and colour and yes, even a fried egg still in the pan!  It had that special sparkle and it just had to be captured!  It sold; someone else saw the beauty...  

Putting paint and brush to paper and watching the magic makes me wonderfully happy.     My hope is that you will see that wonder and joy in my paintings whatever the medium. 

 Watercolour Instructor  Private, Semi Private classes in my studio and 

Groups of up to 8 in your home for Paint Night,    

Toni Ciantar-Poole has been involved in different aspects of the arts for over 30 years; music, theatre and visual arts.  She has always been ready to share her experiences and knowledge with school children, teens and adults alike, whether as a vocal coach, or as a watercolour art coach. She herself is a consummate student and is always stretching her own creative boundaries. She understands what motivates one to want to learn something new. 

Toni is a giving and sensitive teacher.  Her clear way of communicating will set the beginner artist at ease.    If you are in the London, Ontario and area, contact Toni for private, semi private or group class information. In the meantime check out her newest page - YES, YOU CAN PAINT! for a fun exercise.  Go to and LIKE the page.  


You are an excellent teacher who sincerely cares that the participants find it comfortable and fun to follow your lead.  You demonstrate and explain each step thoroughly and observe how each individual builds their painting as if that student was your only artist.   I personally found your class very therapeutic.  And everyone there laughed and interacted with each other as if we've been long time friends.  Annette D.

Hi Toni
Thnx so much for a great class.  I truly enjoyed it.  I learned as much from my mistakes as I did from my efforts to accomplish a desired result.   I'm very pleased with my first attempt.  G

Dear Toni: I have spent the last week ‘finishing’ paintings that I once thought were already finished. I’m hearing the little Toni voice in my head ‘light next to dark, dark next to light’  ‘don’t paw’ and a few others.

All in all I think it’s working. I’ve never been happier with things I’ve done. Thanks for your help and encouragement…R

Thank you so much.  You are a wonderful teacher, I learned so much.  Looking forward to painting with you again.  LDR